Travis Scott has never been a scary kind of guy, no pun intended, but he is very wild when it comes down to 50% of the things he conjures up in his work. Recently on April 30th in New York show at Terminal 5, fans were encouraged to jump off a second story balcony. With Scott egging on one of the fans in the crowd  “They gon’ catch you! Don’t be scared!” However, one fan from a 3rd-floor balcony had not foreseen his injuries to come and was reportedly has a fractured back and broken leg according to TMZ.

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After the fan jumped Scott seemed concerned and wanted to him what appeared to be giving him a ring in the video below. “Hey, pick him up. Pick his ass up. Give him this ring. I gotta put this ring on him.”

The incident has been featured everywhere and has brought national attention to itself. According Scott’s spokesman Scott is in touch with the fan and is giving him support if needed. Here is what the rep had to say: “The safety of everyone is held in the highest regard and we are currently conducting an internal investigation to ensure that this does not happen again. We are deeply concerned about the guest who was injured and intends to offer him our support.”

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