The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) has awarded one of the most critically acclaimed White House journalist, April Ryan for her outstanding pieces of work and bringing together her beliefs or interactions to life in writing. Ryan is like an icon in black journalism history right now, she’s been in the white house for over 20 years under Urban Radio Network. Lately, she’s been treading water because like everyone else, the Trump administration is an abyss of lies, hate, and confusion. Recently, Donald Trump went as far as to ask her to set up a meeting for her with the Congressional Black Caucus just because she is black. On a different occasion, Ryan had to drag Sean Spicer for trying to make the Holocaust concept a thing harder than Gretchen Weiners tried to make “fetch” happen. In other words to sum up that the Trump administration is backward let’s pray for the best four years.

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Nevertheless, Ryan has won a NAACP Image Award for her newest book, “At Mama’s Knee,” as to also being hired as a CNN analyst.

“April Ryan is a true trailblazer and truth seeker. She’s dogged and unapologetic about her pursuit of the story. In the White House press corps circle, where too few black women have been given an opportunity to report, April has excelled and preserved in spite of the many obstacles she has confronted. Her work has risen to the top.” said NABJ president Sarah Glover happily as she announced the award.

Even the Vice-President of the NABJ noted that Ryan was more than deserving of the award. Ryan was humbled but thrilled of her accomplishments; it was not only about her yet the ones who look up to her she had to stay strong through three administrations and much-marginalised situations to be where she is today.

We all have a job to do and some of the stories we are doing wouldn’t be told if it weren’t for us. We all need to keep pressing because the First Amendment is under attack.” says a stern April Ryan.

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Source: The Baltimore Sun

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