One half of legendary Atlanta duo, Big Boi, sat down to speak with HipHop DX about his new album coming out this year and somehow the topic drifted to a potential biopic for the iconic OutKast duo. After the success of recent biopic Straight Outta Compton and the buzzing of the Tupac-inspired “All Eyez On Me

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Big Boi says him and André were just discussing it a week ago. He says:

“André might have even been taking a couple meetings talking to people and then I got a couple of people in mind that I’ma talk to, one of them being Lee Daniels who I just did the TV show Star with so yeah, all that’s coming and we just know it’s time to do it. It’s coming!”

Lee Daniels is known for producing box office hits like “Precious” and “The Butler.” As for actors, Big Boi says he might take a page out of Ice Cube’s book and pick one of his sons to portray him. This sounds more than just mere potential! This is very exciting news for fans of OutKast.

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