27-year-old protestor and activist, Edward Crawford, from Ferguson, Mo., was found dead in his car from a gunshot wound today. He was most known for an iconic picture throwing back a tear gas canister thrown at protesters during a 2014 protest in Ferguson following the controversial killing of Micheal Brown Jr. by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

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The investigation is very early on-going but there are disputes where it’s a suicide or murder. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

[Crawford] was in a car when the gun went off. Two women were in the car with him, police say. The women told police that Crawford had started talking about how depressed he was. They heard him fumbling around for something and the next thing they knew he shot himself.

However, his father, Edward Crawford Sr., doesn’t believe that for one second. He has gone on to say:

I don’t believe it was a suicide,” Crawford Sr. said of his son’s death. “They’re being hush-hush.” “He was wonderful, great, always in a good mood,” he continued. “He just got a new apartment and was training for a new job.”

Regardless of how it went down, Crawford Jr. should be remembered a hero. When asked about the media attention Ferguson was receiving he’s said:

“I am happy the media is in my town, because this attention that we’re getting, I just hope we turn it into something positive.” Crawford said. “With the attention, I hope our voices are heard and I hope our pain is felt by America … I hope [the cameras] stay here as long as they can and just capture positive moments, positive protests.”

He stood up for something bigger than himself. If his death was due to foul play, it wouldn’t be the first time someone associated with the Ferguson protests was found dead in a mysterious way. Darren Seals another activist was found last September dead. Before him, DeAndre Joshua was found dead in November 2014 in his car.

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Source: The Root

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