Van Jones, the host of CNN’s “Messy Truth,” announced his deal with Roc Nation’s management firm yesterday. His goal for his show has been to bridge a partisan divide the country has faced these past couple years. Of course, it hasn’t come without struggle. He recently received flak for praising President Trump’s salute to the widow of a Navy SEAL in a speech before congress on February 28th.

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Jones believes the outrage from that stems from the raw feelings of Democrats, he says:

“It showed some of the insecurities and anxieties of the liberals who were convinced that if even one pundit said one kind thing about Trump than we’d have Hitler, that everything was at stake, and any kind of nuance was just the road to fascism in America,” Jones said. “When you’re in that kind of mind state, then you jump at a lot of shadows.”

Jones has been best known for his coverage during the recent election. He coined the term “whitewash,” and has also pointed out that Trump’s core supporters were uneducated white males, which drove him to win. He has grown in popularity since then, showing himself as a well-articulated man who’s trying to bring balance to a much divided political scene in America. We’re sure his new Roc Nation partners will help him put him in the right places to continue his success. His show is currently on hiatus while he finishes up his book coming out in the fall, “Facing the Messy Truth.”

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Source: Vibe

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