A shocking video has been released from Woodland Hills High School in Pennsylvania, where a school security officer was caught choking and tasering a young student. This video was from 2015 and the student was 15 at the time. You can also see the principal, Kevin Murray, assisting the officer in holding down the student.

This has gone to further investigation. The Superintendent Alan Johnson said he will accept any results reached from said investigation. He also said:

“Very obviously we need, as an institution, to step back and assess what we can do to build a more positive climate in our schools — all of our schools,” Johnson said. “We live in a world where judgment is passed on the basis of a 30-second video clip.

To make matters worse, this is not an isolated event. Earlier this year there was also another video of a student being let free from officials before he is grabbed back inside the office and choked up.

Civil rights attorney Todd Hollis now represents both of these students and plans to file a lawsuit in what he cites is a pattern of abuse clearly targeting black students. The cop in question, Steve Shaulis, is not currently working at the school.

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Source: Complex

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