On the same day, young Jordan Edwards was killed by police in Texas another 15-year-old kid was killed by police in San Diego.

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NBC San Diegoreports that an unidentifed teenager was killed in the parking lot of Torrey Pines High School. A call was placed to 911 stating that there should be a check on a student in said parking lot and he has no weapon. When police arrived to the scene though, the student pulled out a BB gun on them. As he started to walk to them they told him numerous times to drop the weapon and he didn’t listen. Both cops proceeded to fire their weapons on him. The student was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Many believe that the young man committed suicide by police, but that hasn’t officially been determined yet.

Stories like this have become all too common. As of May 3rd, more than 339 Americans have been killed by police this year. No further details of the exact age of this student but Jordan Edwards has been the youngest one so far.

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Source: The Root

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