Establishing a line of communication with your local senator is not as straightforward as one would desire these days. Emails are not always received, busy signals clog up phone lines, and letters are not quick enough by today’s standards, all of which can discourage speaking your mind about things such as the current fugue state of America. Luckily Resistbot has developed a method around these problems.

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Now with a simple text from your cellphone, Resistbot will convert your message into a fax that will directly be received by your local senator. Sending the word “resist” to 50409 will allow you to send the message, after which you will receive a follow-up 24 hours later in order for you to submit your address with the message. This 24 hour follow-up period prevents users from flooding their senator’s fax machines with hate mail.

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“Civic engagement isn’t a tools problem, it’s an engagement problem, and it hasn’t been solved yet… There’s tons of tools to contact Congress. If they worked well then they’d be as ubiquitous as Facebook, Twitter, or other services people engage with on a daily basis … Resistbot is just one more experiment in a long lineage, and our goal is that the user experience will help people engage regularly with the people that represent them.” Said Jason Putorti, one of the volunteers who built the Resistbot.

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