Many people would love to have the opportunity to tell President Trump how they truly feel about him. Over the weekend a clip circulated around the internet with a little girl doing just that. Social media ran with the clip of the girl telling Donald Trump “you’re a disgrace to the world” but it was fake.

The clip came from a Comedy Central series called “The President Show” starring Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik. Atamanuik has taken advantage of the current President has gained attention by using the opportunity to impersonate and mock Trump. Watch the full clip below.

Atamanuik has also assured fans that the young girl in the clip is not an actor and those were her true feelings towards Trump.

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About The Author Savon Slater

Savon Slater is a multimedia journalist based in New York. He has published work for and True Urban Culture magazine. He also is the host of the 'Need to Know' podcast on iTunes.

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