Colin Kaepernick never ceasesย to amaze anybody with his loving ways and philanthropy. In this instance, he is giving out free suits in New York city outside of a parole office. Despite that Kaepernick has been out of work himself as a free agentย in the NFL right now. Below is a photo posted on Instagram of that day’s festivities by 100Suits organization.


“Formerly incarcerated individuals, homeless individuals, gang members and survivors of domestic violence, free business attire to men and women who are in the job search process.By being able to wear appropriate suits to their interviews, these men and women are better equipped to achieve gainful employment, which will ultimately help them to transition into mainstream society and live more productive lives.โ€ Says a 100 Suits representative. They aim to bring down the rate of recidevism.

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Community first !! 100suits & Colin Kaepernick @ Queens parole

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Source: Washington Post

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