Republicans and Democrats have been headbutting each other on their beliefs and opposing sides. However, Trump has crossed the line when he first came into the breath of being the president, yet this time he fired FBI director James Comey. Democrats and Republicans have seen this as a huge mistake to some extent. Comey has been a figure to keep an eye on for some time now since he has also been handling the investigations to Hilary Clinton alleged treason and President Donald Trump’s  Russia backed cases that have had the country shook for months now. It is a punch in the gut to Congressional Republicans that it caused Michigan Rep (according to The Hill) Justin Amash to call an independent commission to continue President Trump’s accusations with Russia examined heavily.

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“A man of honor and integrity,” Sen. John McCain starts in a statement “I have long called for a special congressional committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The president’s decision to remove the FBI Director only confirms the need and the urgency of such a committee.”

Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer exclaims his thoughts on “Special Report” as the fire was a terrible idea as the Clinton email uproar was “inexplicable”.

“If that was so offensive to the Trump administration, which you would have done during the transition is you would have spoken to Comey and said, ‘We’re going to let you go’. That is when a president could very easily make a decision to have a change that’s not unprecedented.” Krauthammer said on television.

Even Joe Walsh, former Illinois congressman, and far-right radio talk show host is weighing in on the choices that were made: “This isn’t good. This isn’t normal,” Walsh tweeted.  “You don’t fire the FBI Director because he’s investigating the President. Because he’s closing in.”

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Read the heavy spitting tweets below for more understanding.





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Source: The Wrap

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