High-ranking federal employees are continuing to disappear under President Donald Trump’s leadership. Whether they are fired, like FBI Director, James Comey, or choose to step down, the number of federal employees leaving their positions continues to rise.

Now, the director of the Census Bureau has decided to step down, with no explanation. On May 5, the Commerce Department announced that John Thompson will resign on June 30, after 27 years in the bureau. This was unexpected, as Thompson was scheduled to stay at least until the end of the year, even though his five-year term ended in December.

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While there is no definite successor, an acting director will be decided in the coming days. The Washington Post reported that the position will be filled permanently “in due course.”

This set back comes at an interesting time. The Census Bureau is expected to release the next census in 2020 and the plan is to use new and improved technology to provide accuracy. However, the White House has only granted the bureau $1.47 billion for hiring, testing, and publicity, an amount that experts say is far too low.

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