Russ drops in on Ebro In The Morning to talk his about new album There’s Really a Wolf and discuss his recent “glow up.”

His story is an inspirational playbook for other up and coming artists looking to make something of themselves. Consistency and patience are what lead Russ to where he is now, the top of the charts. Starting on Soundcloud with 0 followers, he continuously put out music, a song a week for 80 weeks, building a fan base. Eventually, he gained recognition while developing his skillset. He writes, produces, raps, mix, masters, and engineers the tracks all by himself. There are no features on his debut album.

After going at it all alone, Russ began to develop a slight resentment for the radio and the type of music they promote, hinting at their irrelevance, since now with social media artists can have their own platforms “putting themselves on.”

“it wasn’t radio people, it was the politics behind it.” -Russ

Ebro goes on to explain the mechanics behind Hot 97, the decisions made there and what separates them from other more corporate entities. A lively discussion ensues touching on various topics of the research methods put into stations’ playlists, as well as possible alternative solutions for said research. Russ suggests paying attention to which artists are in which cities, selling the most tickets. Ebro being the veteran explains that no marketing information is gathered that way, not even huge brands like Pepsi’s.

In one of the more informative interviews we’ve seen, they really do break down the game and drop gems from multiple perspectives. Watch the interview below to learn more!


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