Mother’s Day is only two days away (go ahead and order a bouquet of flowers, select ‘rush delivery,’ and come back to read this in a few). We should all show appreciation for our wonderful mommas all year round, but this month is always a special reminder to pay homage to the women who gave us life.

There are two types of mothers in the world: those who think of rap music as the devil’s work, and those who embrace it. We’ve all seen the videos of mothers cringing at the sound of certain musical encounters; i.e. that one video of a mom screaming when hearing Nicki Minaj’s opening bars in “Only” about eating a certain body part like a cupcake. But luckily, some of us were blessed (or cursed, depending on your tolerance for embarrassment) with moms who love the music just like we do. Those mothers that sing along with us in the car, endured the concert pit with us when we were too young to go alone, and send us pictures sitting next to rappers on airplanes.

Check out some of the most endearing examples of some mothers expressing their love for Hip Hop music below:

  1. Kendrick’s momma showing love after listening to his new album DAMN. 


A post shared by Kendrick Lamar (@kendricklamar) on

2. When Rich Homie Quan texts you a picture of him with your mom

3. Kanye and his late mother Donda rapping together

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4. Jimmy Kimmel asks Big Sean’s mom to recite lyrics to his song, “A$$”

5. When your mom knows who Famous Dex is, and sends proof

6. Joe Budden bringing out his mother at Irving Plaza

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