This Mother’s day was made special when Black Lives Matter-affiliated groups worked together in order to help Bail Out Day for mothers stuck in jail without the ability to get bail money. “The money bail system in this country is unjust and punishes people for being poor,” said Serena Sebring of the queer-based social justice group “Southerners on New Ground.”

One example is of Tanisha Bynum, who got caught up with traffic related issues involving a speeding ticket and suspended license, and was stuck in jail with a $10,000 bail she could not afford. This forced Bynum to risk missing Mother’s day, her son’s birthday, and her daughter’s graduation. This case displays how the money bail system ends up making the lives of those, who are not well off financially, quite difficult.

About a dozen groups united to raise $550,000 and used about $345,000 to directly bail out black women, who are mothers, across the country. The remainder of funds was used to service the women’s humanity with beauty appointments and temporary housing.

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The groups spend many months looking into who most deserves this support and who it will help the most. “We’re working with local public defenders, folks in the court system, service providers, and families… If there are criteria, that’s determined on the local level,” said Scott Roberts from Color of Change.


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