Katherine Jackson, (let Trent tell you so) gets a whopping five figures every month ($67,000 stipend from Michael Jackson’s estate) to pay her adult children and their kids expenses to keep afloat in their living standards; so why is she not paying Trent’s legal fees he claims he cannot afford since the case has been thrown out. The case was in the heat of Trent abusing Katherine making her have fear in her own home which even concluded to seek medical treatment in London once. Trent believes that he didn’t indulge in such an act, so the case was a waste of time that he should not have to pay for, plus paying his attorneys Ron Rale and Philip Cohen (which is more than the stipend itself).

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According to Trent as well Jermaine Jackson gets 12,000 a month, 7,000 a month to Rebbie Jackson, 30,000 a month to Latoya Jackson and $9,850 to a rental in Calabasas where Jermaine and Randy’s kids stay at; which bills up to $58,850 a month.

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Source: TMZ

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