If you’re an NYC resident this new NYPD directive may be either good or bad for you. New York City police are no longer allowed to enter a loud party without consent. Meaning they can’t come in and end your party unless you let them. According to the New York Post, this is a result of many lawsuits stemming from NYPD barging into parties without warrants. One law enforcement source says that:

“I guess they’re sick and tired of getting sued so often … People were going to jail, sound systems were being broken or confiscated, and then the judges throw the cases out. I think they’ve had enough lawsuits.”

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Some in the NYPD believe this is a horrible decision, which will only lead to violence. Another NYPD source shares the same sentiments saying:

“Parties will go into [the] early morning, which will involve more drinking and neighbors getting into fights, resulting in more shootings. It will be a long, hot summer.”

The NYPD says that the only way they can barge into a party like they used to is if several warnings to lower the music are ignored. And that call will only be made by a precinct commander or duty captain. We can only wait and see to see how it effects NYC parties. It’ll be an interesting Summer, to say the least.

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Source: NY Post



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