North Carolina’s voter-ID laws have not been reinstated after an appeal to the Supreme Court was ruled to adhere to a lower court’s ruling, which found the voter-ID laws to target African Americans “with almost surgical precision.” Strict voter-ID laws have always made it difficult for minority groups and people of color to have access to vote stations, and often prevent a lot of votes from these communities getting cast.

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When North Carolina passed these voter-ID laws, it was on the alleged behalf of increasing the integrity of the elections. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said no evidence of the in-person voter fraud was used to corroborate these claims made to justify the voter-ID laws.

This makes the motives of the voter-ID laws very apparent. There is no evidence of “voter fraud” in North Carolina, just like the President never had any evidence whatsoever to support his claims about voter fraud in this past election. The claims of voter fraud are only used to cause unjustified anger and support from an inattentive republican voter base. Trump’s administration has already dropped objections held by the Obama administration regarding voter-ID laws in Texas.

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Texas had also experienced a removal of its voter-ID laws due to the unfair targeting of minorities. This nationwide problem cannot be entirely handled by the Supreme Court; lower courts must be fully utilized by rights groups and politicians to make sure the access to voting stations remains equal among all American citizens.

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