The President of the United States tweeted on May 12 that he is considering canceling “all future ‘press briefings’” because he is a very “active” president and his “surrogates” can’t “stand at podium with perfect accuracy.” This means he believes that he cannot share information with the press because he is doing so much stuff every minute, like not playing golf, that he couldn’t possibly give accurate information to the press.

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As stupid as that may seem, it is reality, and the President is suggesting he may just “hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy.” America’s free press is a part of the many checks and balances that apply to the moderation of the executive branch of government, so it’s no wonder why Trump doesn’t want to continue facing these tough questions every day, because he is not looking to adhere to these checks and balances. This also comes during the period of time where Trump is still amidst huge controversy for firing FBI director James Comey.

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Twitter’s Anthony Noto, a former Goldman Sachs banker who is now COO and CFO of Twitter, suggested a medium of questions submitted via Twitter where the White House could then respond. While to many this seemed like a remark supporting the case to replace the free press with twitter, Noto later clarified those were not his intentions.

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