Monday in Seattle a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from lawyers for the U.S government and the state of Hawaii over Trump’s currently suspended travel ban.

Judges questioned General Jeffrey Wall, acting solicitor representing the federal government, and Neal Katyal the lawyer representing Hawaii. The judges pressed both sides about the executive order, and what makes it just or unjust. According to reports from NPR Judge Richard Paez asked General Jeffrey Wall what separates Trump’s travel ban executive order from the executive order that was issued by President Roosevelt during World War II that saw Japanese-Americans pulled out of their homes and thrown in internment camps. NPR reports that Wall made sure to note that he hasn’t read details of President Roosevelt’s order but “that internment then, and the travel ban now, are absolutely different — and that he wouldn’t be defending the executive order otherwise.”

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Neal Katyal is the lawyer on the other side for Hawaii, but he was formerly the one that held General Wall’s job representing the federal government. Judges used that to question Katyal by bringing up his past cases defending the federal government. Judges reminded Katyal that he once argued that the president has broad authority when it comes to immigration. Katyal responded to those point by saying “he stands by those arguments, but that doesn’t mean the president’s authority is unbounded,” according to the AP.

Both sides of this suit know that this case and the coming ruling will hold major implications for the future, and they both stated so in their closing arguments according to NPR.

This suit is only one of the many lawsuits pending against Trump’s travel ban. There is currently no clear sight as to when the judges will make a ruling, but the rulings over these cases are going to have a huge effect on this presidency and future ones to come.

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Source: NPR

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