New York rapper ASAP Rocky was the victim of a home invasion on May 17. TMZ reports that arm assailant approached Rocky’s home around 11:30 Tuesday night. When a woman answered the door, they ambushed their way into the home with guns. Rocky himself wasn’t there when this all went down.

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Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the robbers grabbed the woman, who is a relative of Rocky’s, and forced her to show them around the home where they took an estimated $1.5 million worth of jewelry and other property. They also tried to snatch a safe but left it on the sidewalk after jumping into their getaway vehicle.

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Authorities believe that this wasn’t a random incident, but rather a highly-targeted job.

This incident adds to a slew of robbery incidents in the LA. area involving celebs. Rocky’s alleged girlfriend Kendall Jenner had her home burglarized back in March, and last year her sister Kylie had a scare as well. In 2015, Chris Brown was the victim of a home invasion, to which he blamed his friends for.

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