The manslaughter trial of Betty Shelby– the former Oklahoma officer who shot and killed, Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, is coming to an end. The closing arguments are scheduled to begin Wednesday, May 17.

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Shelby faces 4 years to life in prison if convicted in the 2016 shooting that caused Crutcher’s death, whose only problem that night should have been the fact that his vehicle broke down on the side of a Tulsa highway.

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Crutcher’s case joined the countless amount of others that sparked the conversation of racial bias and profiling within the U.S police department. In the video surveillance, Crutcher can be seen walking away with the hands in the air when he was shot. Shelby’s claim is that he was reaching for a gun so she took the shot, though the video clearly states otherwise.

Shelby continues to deny that race played no part in her decision to fire her weapon. Prosecutors claim that alleged drug use and ignoring commands were why Shelby fired her weapon.

Let’s pray we see justice this time.

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