One of the most hated people in American History is Dylan Roof for his evil, malicious act of murdering nine people 2015 shooting at an AME church in Charleton, NC. He has nine counts of murder with three consecutive 30-year sentences in prison. His reason for still being relevant in the news’ eyes right now is that his tapes from the penitentiary are being exposed to the general public with his latest antics during a visit from his immediate family.

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In the record showing that two days before one of Roof’s beginner hearings he said to his father stoically

“I’m going to make this worse,” Dylan Roof said to his father

“What’s wrong with you, son?” Benn Roof asked  in dismay“You’ve got to be kidding me. Don’t do something stupid. You’ve already done enough!” He walked from the camera stepped back in front of it to Dylan saying “You know that everything you’ve done is a reflection on us as a family. Don’t be a (expletive) dumbass.”

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His father rushed out the room and left his mother to deal with the sight of him in all his sinister stare insisting that she still loved the thought of a past son she once had. Roof also confessed to his family that he only kept the lawyers around to “abuse them” before he had the notion of firing them so he could represent himself.  Lastly, in a different statement Roof stated that the Charleston shooting was about a year ago, and any family member that is still crying from the pain needs to “get over it.”

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Source: Post and Courier & CBS News

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