In David Banner’s new single, titled “Magnolia,” he takes on a relationship between a tree and its relationship with Africans throughout slavery. According to Banner, the song “represents the relationship of trees in Mississippi and Africans. The taller the tree, the broader the story, the shorter the tree, the more personal the perspective is. My verse is about the relationship of the magnolia tree and Africans during slavery.”

“Then she started to tell me how she was used in the lynching of blacks/branch cracked/broke her arm just so his neck wouldn’t snap/and if I would not have rapped/I’d probably meet the same damn fate/from the same damn rope/I’m about the same damn weight”

It’s been seven years since Banner released his last album Death of a Pop Star,Last month, he dropped “Who Want It” featuring Black Thought. The God Box is set to release May 19th 2017. The God Box also features guest appearances including Big K.R.I., Trinidad James, WatchTheDuck and Big Rube. Banner handles the production on half of the album, but he also enlists production help from DJ Khalil, DJ Swiff, Chris “THX” Goodman and more. Listen to Magnolia below.


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