Colgate University in upstate New York, caught some very undesired attention a few weeks ago after the school was put on lockdown due to a report of an “armed” black man wandering the campus. Turns out, the student was just carrying a glue gun for one of his school projects. This incident highlighted a serious issue, one of racial profiling leading to dangerous situations.

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One student, Jenny Lundt, wanted to share perspective of her “white privilege” and how she had done something on that same campus which was even worse, yet no authorities were called during her situation. Lundt reportedly ran around campus with a large sword, and received nothing other than the laughs of on-lookers. “People laughed- oh look at that harmless, ~ silly white girl ~ with a giant sword!!” Lundt wrote.

“The limited information that was released put all black men on this campus in danger and at risk of being killed. That is the reality of the institutionalized racism in the United States. If you think for even a second this wasn’t profiling, ask yourself why this sword is still in my room and has not ONCE made anyone uncomfortable. No one has EVER called the police on me. Understand that there are larger forces at play than this one night, and this once instance of racism. This is engrained in our university and our larger society. White Colgate students, we need to do better.”

THIS is what white privilege looks like. This is me, only one year ago on this very campus, running around the academic…

Posted by Jenny Lundt on Monday, May 1, 2017

Lundt further explained her intentions with the post as, “about people of color that are oppressed each and every day by this institution and this country at large and I in no way meant to take the conversation away from them and their stories.”

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