New updates have risen from the case involving the police-involved shoot death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. The U.S. department has opened a case on the murder, as former officer Roy Oliver is the accused by Dallas prosecutors. Only fifteen minutes away from Dallas, Oliver responded to a call at an underaged drinking party in Balch Springs which is predominately minority based city. He heard gunfire and arrived at the scene with Edwards in the car of a Sudan at an intersection while telling the boys to stop the car. Olver then shot a rifle into the car shooting Edwards in the head deeming him fatal by the time he got to a local hospital.

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Oliver was dismissed by the police department and turned himself in the turn of a murder charge on May 5. He was soon to be freed on bail for 300,000 with a floating investigation. However, Edwards’ father is suing Blach Springs for using excessive force leading to his son’s death. This isn’t the first merry go round for the Department of Justice, in past times they are known for taking over investigation upon police departments and force within the officers to see if they are abusing citizen’s civil rights. In the light of sorrow, Jordan Edwards was loved by his friends and family as a great student and athlete, allow his life to remind you all we are still not done saving our youth.

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