In 1986 Eric B. & Rakim burst on the scene with their debut single “Eric B. Is President.” 30 years later, back in September 2016, R&B singer Eric Bellinger dropped his mixtape with the same title.

Back in March Bellinger dropped Term 2 of his Eric B. Is President series and fans of the hip-hop duo were none too please about Bellinger using the name on the historic single.

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“This clown @EricBellinger still tryna fool listeners into thinking his music is @EricB so they download it,” wrote Eric B. and Rakim on their joint Twitter account. “Maybe @EricBellinger just has never heard #EricBisPresident. Maybe it’s time to make em clap to this.”

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But the rant didn’t stop there. The dynamic duo continued on:

“Where do @EricBellinger get off calling himself Eric B & his record Eric B for President? Nothing sacred anymore? Unacceptable Disgraceful.”

Fans and even Wale came to Bellinger’s defense, believing that the duo was out of line as the singer was only abbreviating his name while also paying homage to the song. Once Bellinger caught wind of the drama, he uploaded a screenshot of a caption from an old Instagram post from last year when Eric B. for President Term 1 was released. In the caption for the screenshot, Bellinger wrote, “I tried to give my guys some love…”

However, shortly after the feud made headlines, Eric B. took to his own personal account and quickly shot down his involvement in the drama, leaving some to believe has their account been hacked again?

“I don’t care @ all please stay off my timeline with this mess I’m good I’m doing me,” Eric wrote. “Salaam.”

Last year someone hacked the group’s account and tweeted support from Trump. In a few hours, the group had their account back, but it leaves many to believe. How could it have happened twice?

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