Michael Flynn, the first stone to fall starting the Trump administration’s avalanche of connections with Russia, is now seeking to plead the Fifth in order to not incriminate himself. Flynn, who quit his job as National Security Advisor less than a month into the Trump presidency, is now the most Russia-connected member of Trump’s administration and he is now essentially admitting to some criminal activity by invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

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The Senate is seeking Flynn’s documents and data related to his connections with Russian lobbyists with a subpoena. Flynn was previously indicating that he would like immunity in exchange for a confession of his knowledge, and now he seems to want it more.

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The Trump administration was warned by the Obama administration and others before the transition had finished, that Flynn was a dangerous person to employ, however, the Trump team ignored this. Flynn’s most damning offense at the moment is the money he received from Turkish governments while being employed by Trump as well.

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During the campaign, Flynn was the one criticizing the idea of having to seek immunity, and he also led the “Lock her up” chants. It will be interesting to see how the irony continues to unfold on Flynn. We will closely follow this story as more developments and evidence arise.

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