A grand jury in Franklin County, Columbus, has declined to indict a white police officer, Bryan Mason, for the shooting death of a 13-year-old black child, Tyre King. King was shot last September after allegedly displaying a bb-gun while standing “among” a group of kids who were “suspects” in the $10 robbery of a local shop.

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“The death of a 13-year-old under any circumstances is tragic… I am committed to continuing to work with all residents and the police to break the cycle of violence, build trust, and give hope.” Said Columbus mayor Andy Ginther.

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“While we are grateful for the grand jury’s service and for the community’s patience awaiting these results, the Council is also deeply reflective on how we must aggressively strive to end violence in our community and continue to improve the relationship between the people of Columbus and the criminal justice system,” the Columbus City Council said in a statement.

While a lot of details are still unreleased, another tragic death of a young black male by a white police officer, with a history of fatal police shootings, and no justice, is not easy to accept. At a memorial for King, the organizer of People’s Justice Project, Tammy Fournier Al Saada, said “I’m tired… but we must fight on.”

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