After the Massachusetts ACLU filed a complaint to the charter school that suspended twins Mya and Deanna Scott over their braids, the school board has now responded in a positive result. The board of trustees has decided to suspend that controversial dress code policy that was obviously directed towards students of color. The school board’s message after reversing the policy was:

“The school will continue to work with the attorney general’s office to ensure that the uniform policy reflects our longstanding commitment to the rights of all of our students,” Mystic Valley’s interim director Alexander Dan said, reading from a prepared statement, the Globe notes. “Students who are either currently serving consequences or accruing them may immediately resume all before- and after-school activities.”

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While this was a win for them in the short term it doesn’t seem like the war over this might be done yet. While the policy is suspended it wasn’t yet changed. The father of the twins had this to say about that it:

“We are viewing this as a step in the right direction,” Aaron Cook, the father of the twins, told the Globe. He said it is “beneficial” that the school is suspending the policy for the remainder of the school year, but he added, “It doesn’t yet sound like they’ve decided to change that policy.”“All of that needs to be wiped clean like it never occurred in order for us to be satisfied,” he added.

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Source: The Root

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