Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial is in motion, but it looks like gathering a jury isn’t going to be simple.

According to NPR seating a jury will be a “challenge” and for several reasons. NPR reports that out of 100 potential jurors questioned, one-third said they already formed opinions about Bill Cosby, others were too close to the issue at hand stating they knew someone that was sexually assaulted or they themselves were the victims of sexual assault. A large chunk of jurors said the trial would simply be too long for them and would cause a hardship.

These things are often the issue with high-profile cases. How do you put together an unbiased jury when the case is this high-profile? When it involves someone like Bill Cosby who has been in the media’s crosshairs for several months since the scandal was initially revealed.

According to Mark Nootbaar of member station, WESA reports, “Jury selection is expected to take several days,” he reports, “with hundreds of potential jurors being questioned.”

Once the Jury is established the wheels will be in motion for what will probably be one of the most controversial trials since the OJ trial.

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Source: NPR

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