In a recent interview with Ed Sheeran, Rick Rubin told him a story about Eminem and Kendrick Lamar being tested of having a ghostwriter. Now many of know that Kendrick is critically acclaimed to being the rapper out as of now, and to hear Lamar have a ghostwriter is a minister who preaches in church but doesn’t believe in God – blasphemy.  So, in 2013, Eminem made Lamar write his own verse for “Love Game” in an empty room for The Marshall Mathers LP 2.  Now that’s word on the internet waves from Ed Sheeran who shared that story with Zach Sang on his show where he got the info from Rick Rubin, executive producer of MMLPII. 

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“Eminem heard that Kendrick Lamar was the best rapper and he invited him to the studio to get him on a song. He arrived and Kendrick came with all his mates and Eminem said, ‘I just want you in the studio, just you on your own and then my engineer is gonna come in and then record you doing it, but your mates aren’t allowed in. Kendrick did it, wrote a sick verse, and then everyone came in to listen to it. Eminem said that he did it to test Kendrick because he thought he had a ghostwriter. He then realized that he didn’t then claim [Kendrick] was the best.” Sheeran said in his interview.

Shoutout to HotNewHipHop for catching the chat at the 8-minute mark. click on the video above to see Ed Sheeran fully talk about Rick Rubin’s story and more.

Kendrick eventually caught onto Eminem’s antics and had this to say below in 2014.

“He brought me out to Detroit, I had a show, and he brought me to the studio to do a hook… I go in, do the hook, and he’s like ‘I like the hook.’ Then I’m like, ‘Alright, cool, I’m finna dip,’ then he says ‘Think you could do a verse?’… The thing with Em which was crazy to me is he kicks everybody out of the studio… I took it as him kicking everybody out to see if it’s really you writing those raps that you’re writing.”

Eminem is currently working on putting out an album after he released his strongly opinionated song “Campaign Speech” which was 8 minutes long with a roll of punches.

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