While Lala & Carmelo Anthony spent Mother’s Day together with their son, it doesn’t look like the two are getting back together right now.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Lala has spoken with some divorce lawyers including Laura Wasser, who represented Angelia Jolie during her divorce to Brad Pitt.

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Here’s what a source says according to The Jasmine Brand:

“They met, but nothing will likely happen until the end of summer. Carmelo is still in denial and thinks he can fix his marriage.

Another source adds,

She’s trying to figure it out. She doesn’t want anyone saying she’s going through a divorce. She hasn’t signed anything, but they are separated. She’s literally just having conversations just because she met with a lawyer, doesn’t mean she’s getting a divorce.

The source continues that Lala,

is not like, ‘How much can I get?’ She’s never been like that. She’s always had her own career even before Carmelo. She’s never been into giving all that up to be some basketball wife. And despite whatever is going on, they’re still friends. She doesn’t act like a woman scorned at all. It’s not a knock-down, drag-out fight.”

Neither Lala or Carmelo has spoken out about the split since the news went public.

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