In Mississippi, three teenagers are facing time over an incident involving murdering six-year-old Kingston Frazier. Frazier was sleeping in his mother’s car when it was stolen. An amber alert was issued hours later and by morning he was found dead in the car which was abandoned.

According to the mother, Ebony Archie, around 1 a.m. she was doing an errand in a Jackson, MS Kroger, so she left Frazier asleep in the car, once she returned her car was gone from the parking lot. From a source with Mississippi News Now, Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 17, Byron McBride, 19, and D’Allen Tyreek Washington, 17, were responsible for puncturing Frazier multiple times and even a shot to the head.

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District Attorney Michael Guest says in a statement: “We do believe he was shot in the back of the car. Whether he was asleep or awake, I don’t have any idea.”

There was surveillance video of the boys moving into the parking lot rarely any time after Archie went into the Kroger. The suspects got into her car and left with a different one. Guest claims that the authorities are still finding the weapon used in the murder. Interviews were also collected from the boys over confession that they killed Kingston Frazier.

“Other than it just being somebody being mean and evil and cruel, I’m not seeing a motive being developed as to why these individuals would have killed this child. That’s probably something we’ll never get. We’ll probably never learn a motive as to why this occurred.” Michel Guest said in a assertion.

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Source: Huffington Post & Mississippi News Now

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