Drug smugglers are getting smart and smarter as the days go by. This time around, some smugglers tried to get pills across the Iraq/Kuwait border using a tiny backpack strapped to a pigeon.

Kuwaiti officials caught the bird that was carrying around 178 white pills, which were some sort of Ketamine. For those of you that don’t know, ketamine is a muscle relaxer and pain reliever also used as a recreational drug.

The Kuwaiti paper al-Rai  claims that police knew that drug traffickers were using birds to transport drugs but hadn’t actually caught a bird in the act until now.

Smugglers all over the world have been using this method in recent years and it seems to be working. In 2015, Costa Rican prison guards found pigeons bringing in marijuana and coke to the facility. Before this in 2011 Colombian police caught a pigeon trying to fly over a prison wall but it seemed like he had a problem flying. When authorities got a closer look, they found that the bird had too much weed and coke on it and the bird was being weighed down.

Come to think about it, this is genius because the bird is most likely not going to snitch on his drug dealing “friends.” Either way, we hope that justice is served!

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