Nitty Scott remains one of the most talented MC’s in the game, and her upcoming EP has been a long time coming. The last full album we got from Ms. Scott was a collaboration project with Joel Ortiz and Bodega Bamz; Their energetic and New York-centric self-titled project, No Panty. Most recently, we’ve gotten a few sneak peeks into what Creature! is going to sound like with songs that may or may not end up on the actual project. The first one was “BUDDHAVELI (NahImaStay),” where we hear Nitty going hard while still embracing her spiritual side.

This week Nitty dropped “BBYGRL,” which many are excitedly deeming this summer’s feminist anthem. The unapologetically proud Afro-Latina MC has always packed a powerful punch with both her lyrics and through her social media–so it’s no surprise that “BBYGRL” packs such a beautifully hard punch. This track sounds like it was made for women to blast in their headphones while walking down the streets of New York, confidently ignoring the catcalls and the inevitable inquiries to smile from passers-by.

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You can always count on Nitty to not only touch on the issues women are dealing with, but to make a point of highlighting the deeper problems most stray from. “BBYGRL” features lyrics about rape culture and intersectionality, all vigorously spit with the utmost conviction. Scott has made it clear that this track will not be a song that appears on her project Creature!, but if this is any indication of the energy we can expect, it’s definitely gearing up to be an impactful journey.

Nitty Scott has mastered being able to spit lyrics that are not only prevalent but equally hard-hitting. She’s the perfect example of not compromising musical quality when wanting to portray a certain message. Listen to “BBYGIRL” below and bask in the liberation of the music, and stay tuned for Nitty’s EP Creature! due to drop this July.

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