15-year-old Darius Smith was shot and killed on Friday, May 26 in Arcadia, California, by an off-duty customs agent who claims that Smith and his two 14-year-old friends attempted to rob him. However, the family and their lawyers do not believe this story told by the customs agent who works at San Francisco International Airport.

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The off-duty customs agent alleges that someone hit him from the back of the head while the other two boys tried to rob him. Afterwards, he said he fired his gun to defend himself and struck two of the boys. Darius Smith died later the next morning at the hospital, the other injured boy was hospitalized as well and the boy who fled was in custody.

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Smith’s family does not believe this account made by the customs agent and want him to be charged. Lee Merritt, the family’s attorney said, “Darius Smith was executed. He was not in the midst of a robbery. He was shot twice in the legs first. (He fell) and his shooter got over him and shot him three times in the chest. That’s murder. That’s not subduing the robbery.”

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The two teens that were with Darius face robbery charges that the Smith family and attorneys believe should be dropped.

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We will update you as the story develops.

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