31-Year old Marcos Antonio Huete was hit by a car on his bike when he was on his way to work in Key West, Florida. When a police officer arrived on scene instead of immediately helping Huete he questioned his citizenship status. (Which was caught on the officer’s body camera) He asked him “You illegal? Are you a legal citizen or no? Speak English? You got ID? Passport, visa or what?” Because of a language barrier, Huete called his sister to come help him, which she did. Eventually, Huete was helped out and sent to the hospital.

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But, when everything was done officers wanted Huete to return to the site of the incident. When he returned he was fined $75 dollars for an alleged fault of the accident. They claimed he darted out in front of the pickup as it turned right across a marked crosswalk. The car struck Marcos Huete’s back tire, but they gave the right of way to the 45-year old Key West woman driver.

Not only that, but they asked to see his papers. When Huete couldn’t produce any, as he was an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, they arrested him. He has spent the past month locked up at the Krome Detention Center near Miami, pending possible deportation.

Univision who picked up the story has this to say:

In a statement to Univision, the Border Patrol said that FHP communicated with its agents “to assist in the identification of the subject (Huete).” However, he says that such communication between the agencies is “rare.”

For his part, the Monroe Sheriff’s Office told News 23 that it has “no official policy” to notify people who believe they may be illegally in the country.

Although the family has contacted a lawyer to fight for Huete’s stay in the country, the Honduran who worked in construction and for local restaurants to support his mother and two daughters in Honduras, is facing deportation.

According to the Border Patrol, Huete has a deportation order dating back to 2010 and is being held at Krome pending arrangements being made for his removal.

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In addition, he faces criminal charges for having re-entered the United States after being expelled.

The case has garnered attention because of the treatment Huete received from the county sheriff’s agent. The video appears to show that an ambulance is only called after a second officer asks him in Spanish if he needs medical care.

This is a stunning thing to hear about. Will police become Trump’s personal army in a vendetta against the people who come to America in hopes of a better life? Looking for their immigration status before their health. Is being an American citizen more crucial than being alive for them?

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Source: The Root

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