In Bayonne, New Jersey a Muslim group seeking to turn an abandoned warehouse into a mosque and community center were unfairly voted down. Not only that, but they were attacked for their religious beliefs in a meeting.

The zoning board voted 4-3 in favor the of the Mosque, however, they needed at least 5 votes for it to be passed. The people who voted against it claimed they had parking and traffic concerns. However, the group petitioning for the mosque says it’s located in an area with ample parking and in a non-congested area of the city.

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So they are planning on suing the city not only on the reasoning for the denial but because of the attacks they faced at the aforementioned meeting after proposing the mosque and community center. At one meeting while they were quietly praying in a corner another group of people started loudly chanting a Christian prayer. One person at the meeting said that if this was passed people would become radicalized and may kill people. While another said that the Muslim faith should be further examined. Signs were also placed around the city saying “Save Bayonne” and “Stop the Mosque.”

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This is sad and deplorable and no group of people should have to go through this. It almost seems obvious that they didn’t receive the last vote due to this anti-Muslim sentiment. It is clearly unfair and it’s even noted in their lawsuit that Bayonne has nearly three dozen Christian and Jewish places of worship. Until something new comes about they are forced to go to other towns to pray.

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Source: US News

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