President Donald Trump has only been in the White House for less than 200 days, and within that time we have seen directors and staff be skeptical, frustrated, get fired, policy delusional and angry with the circumstances surrounding them. In the latest of events on May 18, communications director, Micheal Dubke has spoken his resignation into existence from his position with any date can be his last.

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“It has been a privilege to serve this president. [It has been a] distinct pleasure to work side-by-side, day-by-day with the staff of the communications and press departments. This White House is filled with some of the finest and hardest working men and women in the American government.” Dubke said to a source at CNN.

After submitting his resignation Dubke indicated that he had a very good one on one with the president, and his actions were for more personal reasons than the public knows. Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff had given praises to Dubke for his service being with the staff every step of the way; claiming that he will  “assist with the transition and be a strong advocate for the President and the President’s policies moving forward.”

At the same time around his decision to resign, Dubke was undertaking the divestment of two communications firms that he was involved with before had crossed into the venture of working with the administration. The previous venture was a turn into a financial whirlwind that made everyone in the White House suspect him eventually to a case that he would have been fired sooner than later.

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Skepticism followed Dubke into his journey through being a communications director in the White House. Many of his co-workers voiced that when he was brought in after Sean Spicer (the former press secretary and communications director when Trump first started office) the whole induction was rushed, and a veteran figure was more deserving.

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Source: CNN

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