Two Muslim groups, the Muslim Education Trust, and Celebrate Mercy have joined forced to raise money for the families of the Portland, OR heroes.

Three men were violently assaulted by a knife-wielding man on a commuter. The man assaulted the men for coming to the aid of two Muslin girls who were being verbally assaulted by Jeremy Joseph Christian, the attacker. The girls were being verbally assaulted by Christian who threw anti-Muslim slurs at the girls. When the three men stepped in the defend the girls that if when Christian attacked the men with a knife stabbing and killing Taliesin Myrddin NamkaimMeche, 23, a recent college graduate, and Ricky John Best, 53, an Army veteran. The third man, Micah David-Cole Fletcher survived the attack and was left hospitalized.

This story has garnered attention from the Muslim community causing the two groups, Muslim Education Trust, and Celebrate Mercy to take action. The Root reports the groups are using LaunchGood to fundraise for the family of the tragic heroes. So far the groups have raised up to $507,336 with over 9,841 supporters donating.

The campaign had a goal of only $60,000 but quickly passed that in little less than five hours. The money will go to the medical bills of Fletcher the sole survivor of the attack, and to all funeral expenses of the victims. Funds will be made available for long-term expenses of the families as well. If you’re curious and want to donate you can head over to the LaunchGood Campaign.

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Source: The Root

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