NBA Finals proper etiquette? What Is that? Does that even exist? If it does, Rihanna sure doesn’t buy into to that theory. Thursday (June 1st) kicked off game one of the 2017 NBA Championship series and it was more than eventful.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have been on a collision course all season leading up to this point and the anticipation for this matchup has been heightened beyond belief, through all of that, the game was upstaged by the courtside antics  of Ri Ri and what seemed to be a friendly between herself and Kevin Durant.


Rihanna is a known fan of Lebron James and has expressed support for him in the past. Last night was a little over the top. She shouted out “brick” while Kevin Durant took shots from the three point and free throw line. She Dabbed and bowed to King James while he was in play. In short, it was the Ri Ri show.


The Warriors took game 1 at home in a resounding 20 point victory over the Cavaliers. (113-91). Game 2 will take place in the Bay Area as well this Sunday, June 4th.


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