The Boko Haram has committed another heinous act of terror. The last time we heard of the Nigerian terrorist group was an exchange for some of their men with Nigeria’s government that saw over 80 girls from the Chibok kidnapping free.

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The attacks apparently happened last Wednesday and Sunday, in a village called Kaya and a Borno community near Gumsri. A Chibok resident has said that because the village is not accessible the information has been slow to spread. That resident Chibok Hassan gone on to say that:

“There is no single soul remaining [in Kaya] … The Boko Haram members came in the evening with their motorcycles, bicycles and started firing at everyone in sight,” Hassan said. “They burnt many houses. Those who were fortunate ran away, but those who couldn’t escape were attacked. All the villagers have moved out of the village.”

“To us here in Chibok, we are living in fear because that it is the only place that has been like a roadblock to them coming to us. Some people that cannot withstand the situation are even moving to Maiduguri which is safe for them,” Hassan said.

It took more than four days to report this happening. It is a scary thought that these people are living in habitual fear all because a group doesn’t agree with their way of living. The Boko Haram has been fighting to overthrow Nigerian government since 2009.

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Source: The Root

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