For a supposed forward-thinking, progressive, and an equal opportunity country, the United States has been very regressive as of late. Furthermore, this country has had a long history of being stuck in its ways without a full grasp of its citizens who are being affected.

Currently, black leaders in Arizona are pushing for the removal of all the state’s Confederate monuments.

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On Monday officials intend to make their formal request that the state’s six Confederate monuments be removed. The most public memorial is actually located across from the state Capitol.

“[We will] discuss the meaning of Confederate monuments, how they impact the community and why Gov. [Doug] Ducey should immediately begin the process of removal,”

black leaders in Arizona issued this statement on their plans to have these Confederate monuments removed.  Despite their efforts, they are receiving pushback for their good intentions.

Curt Tipton, an adjutant with Arizona’s Sons of Confederate Veterans, blasted the call for the removals, saying that to do so “because somebody is offended is ridiculous.”

Unfortunately, it would seem as though there’s a situation like this in each state of the country that can be referenced to. From previous situations across the U.S. things seem to be going in the right direction as far as this situation getting the attention it deserves, but we are still so far from complete solidarity and it is rectified.


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