Is there anything you won’t see on an NYC train? Jerich Alcantara a Hunter College student was on his way to his 10 a.m. graduation on the E train from Queens when the train unexpectedly stopped. The train was stuck in the tunnel and Alcantara was trapped in there for more than three hours. Missing out on his big moment Alcantara didn’t let it get to him, he announced to the train “thanks for coming out today to see me walk and graduate” Alcantara describes the event to Fox 5 saying:

“I announced to the whole train—I said, ‘Hey, guy, thanks for coming out today to see me walk and graduate,’” he said. “We got my buddy to hand me the diploma that he drew up on his phone, and he handed it to me, shook my hand like he was the dean; it was great,”

And they had themselves an impromptu graduation.

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By the time he got to his actual graduation it was long over. A few of his friends in the nursing program told him to meet them in the auditorium and they had another impromptu graduation for him anyway. And as for his diploma? The Hunter College president said she looked forward to handing it to him personally.

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