Yeezy is now getting into high school uniform design, as he attempts to get Calabasas High School to allow him to head their rebranding. Ye’s previous addidas x Yeezy Calabasas collection sold out immediately, as did all his others, so this move could be a fruitful new opportunity.

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In what sounds like an episode of How to Make it in America, Kanye would like to redesign the school uniforms and sports gear, as well as have the school’s mascot be changed from Coyotes to Wolves.

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The school has not decided if this collaboration will come to fruition just yet, but it will be interesting to see if Yeezy can get his brand in the educational system. In the meantime, we await Kanye’s next album, previously code-named Turbo Grafx 16, as he works on it from atop a mountain in Wyoming.

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