Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, took the stage about two weeks ago, to address the NATO allies about the American commitment to NATO policies. This took place at the unveiling of the new NATO headquarters in Germany, and Trump’s remarks about NATO we’re a powerful reminder of his unhinged nature.

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In his speech, Trump made implications that America would not agree to definitely support Article 5 of the NATO alliance. Article 5 requires NATO allies to come to the support of other allied nations in NATO if they need help in emergency circumstances. This is a major component of the NATO alliance and Trump’s lack of knowledge and reason couldn’t be more apparent.

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As Trump stated he would not commit America to Article 5 of the NATO alliance in order to strengthen the bond of NATO, he stood by a crumpled beam of the World Trade Center. This crumpled beam is a representation of the only time when NATO allies came together in order to help America, thanks to Article 5 of the NATO alliance. Yes, that’s right, the only time Article 5 was utilized was due to 9/11.

Not only was Trump making relationships with NATO countries much worse, but he also was making the relationship of his own team much worse as he apparently went off script with his comments about Article 5. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had worked on the speech that Trump was to recite at the NATO headquarters unveiling, and Trump deciding to go commando when discussing Article 5.

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This continues the piling amounts of support for the idea that the President’s unpredictable nature will negatively affect foreign relations for the United States. This position is given by Trump about Article 5 also carries with it an undeniably Russian influence, as the President may have given Putin a free pass to interfere with European nations that reside very close to Russia.

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