Just two weeks removed from the terror attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert, the UK has been attacked again. This time in London and again responsibility of this terrible incident have been claimed by the radical Islamic group ISIS. There were two connected attacks in close proximity. A white van crashed into pedestrians on the London Bridge then after they continued on into Borough Market, exited and proceeded to stab several people randomly until police showed up , shot and brought down the attackers. The attackers were armed with knives and fake suicide vests meant to instill fear into people.

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There were multiple casualties as well as deaths. London ambulance services say 48 people were taken to five hospitals. People from all places were attacked; Canada and Australia’s prime ministers Justin Trudeau and Malcolm Turnbull respectively have confirmed that citizen’s from their countries were attacked. As well as the foreign minister of France. Police immediately conducted raids in suspected apartments of the attackers.

Theresa May, UK’s Prime Minster has said that:

there must be changes on four fronts: first, people who are drawn to Islamist extremism must be persuaded that western values are superior. Second, there must be a clampdown on the “safe spaces” on the internet where terrorism breeds. Third, she called for action at home where extremism may be tolerated. “There is – to be frank – far too much tolerance of extremism in our country,” she said. Finally, she proposed a review of counter-terrorism strategy and laws, and suggested longer sentences for some offences. She confirmed that the general election would go ahead on Thursday as planned.

It is sad that UK is being targeted. I hope that onlooking countries realize this is not just a problem the UK faces, but any country that harbors a multicultural set of people. The attackers didn’t discriminate in attacking ethnicities they just attacked.

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Source: The Guardian

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