Chance the Rapper is having a pretty amazing year, and he shows no signs of slowing down.


Aside from racking up at the Grammy’s, Chance is also set to win big at this year’s BET Awards. Aside from his various nominations, Chance will also be the recipient of the coveted Humanitarian Award at this year’s ceremony.


We all know the Chance is a revolutionary when it comes to changing the landscape of rap music, but he also is a champion of civil and social issues as well.


He’s been very vocal about giving a platform to the underserved and oppressed, having most notably donated a million of his personal dollars to Chicago Public schools.


He also makes sure to discuss his views on the political and social climate as he makes his press rounds to speak on his tours or shows.


Chance the Rapper Freestyles Over Future’s ‘Mask Off’ [VIDEO]

Most recently, he’s been very vocal about his belief that Bill Maher should be fired by HBO for his use of the term “House N*gger” on Live television.


Chance is a man of the people, and his honor is well deserved.

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