Opening statements from James Comey’s testimony, which is scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow (June 8), have been made public, confirming Comey will state that the President asked him for “loyalty” and to “let this go” when speaking of the legal troubles surrounding Mike Flynn.

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Former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to publicly testify tomorrow about his meetings with President Trump and the testimony is drawing a large amount of attention in Washington and around the world. The testimony will be focusing on the possibility that President Trump attempted obstructing justice in these conversations.

According to the opening statements from Comey’s upcoming testimony, Trump said, “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,” with implications that “loyalty” took precedence over the FBI Directors duty to the law and justice. Comey claims to have responded that he would give the President “honest loyalty”, which the President and Comey seemingly agreed upon, however, Comey believes the agreement could have been based on different understandings of the term.

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Comey, later in the statement, also addresses the “very concerning” comment Trump said about Mike Flynn. When Trump addressed the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn with Comey, he said, “I hope you can let this go.”

While some may try to downplay this series of conversations between Trump and Comey, the pattern of behavior, that is continuously growing, involving Trump’s attempts to circumvent the law in order to benefit himself are becoming impossible to ignore. The connections between Trump, and his campaign team, with Russia, are becoming overwhelming, and Trump’s actions of firing the FBI Director, who was investigating those connections, have not made anything better.

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James Comey’s testimony tomorrow will surely have more details surrounding these controversial conversations, and will definitely create new problems for the Trump administration.

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